ROTH INDUSTRIES-A leader in hydronic radiant heating, plumbing, and storage system innovation and comfort with an emphasis on corporate responsibility, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation.

The ROTH North America team successfully maintains the corporate mission that began with the company founder, Mr. Heinrich Roth, in 1947 and continues under the leadership of the current President, Mr. Manfred Roth:

  • Independently manufacture heating, plumbing, and storage systems, which are one of the best in their respective markets, and distribute those systems through our business partners.
  • Maintain a business philosophy that emphasizes mutually beneficial partnerships, which are based our commitment to a workplace where performance and personal motivation are highly regarded and rewarded, our social and environmental responsibilities, and our corporate profitability.
  • Implement solutions that are customer oriented and evolve around our customers' needs for absolute reliability and ultimate comfort.

Well though-out investments, which have lead to significant growth in the North American market, have solidified ROTH INDUSTRIES as a true world leader in the manufacture and distribution of leading edge technology for the most demanding environments and customers in the US and Canada.

ROTH Corporate Policy Statement, issued by Mr. Manfred Roth in 1997, providing the corporate positioning for ROTH Industries worldwide.

  1. My family and I would like to insure the independence of our group of companies so that they may continue to operate independently and without outside influences.
  2. We would like to be present in diversified markets with companies that work independently
    but with the interest of all Roth companies in mind. The day-to-day business decisions
    are made as a team by my business executives and me.
  3. The cooperation within the Roth Group, also between the management and the workforce,
    shall take place by teamwork thinking and cooperative actions.
  4. Our products shall belong to the best in their respective markets. Our primary goal concerning research, production, and distribution is quality and innovation.
  5. In awareness of our social responsibilities, all products of our companies shall be designed
    and produced in such a way that the environment and its resources are respected.
  6. Job security is very important to us. We consider this task an essential element
    of our social responsibilities.
  7. Our overall success depends on the performance of each of our coworkers. For that reason,
    our working conditions and compensation shall further a positive attitude toward the company and promote personal motivation.
  8. The focal point of our companies is our customers. Their needs are our needs, and we work toward achieving solutions as partners.
  9. We shall always maintain a beneficial and fair relationship with all of our business partners.
    The same applies to our overall relationship with the economy and the society, for whose interests we feel responsible.
  10. In order to fulfill our duties and obligations, and to insure a safe growth, which warrants
    the continued existence of the Roth Group, we must work toward achieving a reasonable
    profit margin.
Dautphetal-Buchenau, October 1997
Manfred Roth

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